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A new and interesting theorem in Mathematics :

ublished 2005 - "Utilique Theorem" by Ken Deighton.

The history of how the game of Bridge developed,

 especially with regard to British Bridge, in a three volume set :

Ready now - "British Bridge, Volume I, From The Beginning To World War I".

Ready January 2018 - "British Bridge, Volume II, From The First World War Up To The Second".

In research - "British Bridge, Volume III, Since The Second World War".

Deighton family history - circulation restricted to family members :

Published 2013 - "
My Life" by Albert Deighton.

Published 2014 - "Edith Deighton & The Maries" by Ken Deighton.

Ready for press - "
Emily & Sarah, The History Of The Marie Family,

Including The Discovery Of The Wood Triplets" by Ken Deighton.

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